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We are proud to announce that we have our own factory and are capable of fulfilling custom orders for our Eco-Wallboards. This means that we can provide our customers with the exact sizes, colors, and textures they require for their specific project needs. With our factory, we have full control over the manufacturing process, ensuring that every order meets our high standards of quality. This also allows us to offer competitive pricing, as we eliminate the need for third-party manufacturers and distributors. Whether you're a contractor, designer, or DIY enthusiast, our factory can cater to your needs. We have a team of experienced professionals who can work with you to determine the exact specifications of your project and ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

Our Factory, Your Custom Orders
Colors, Textures and Sizes
Style and Sustainability
Transform your space into a stylish and sustainable environment with our innovative products.
We Provide Professional Installation
Over 10 years of Experience

At our company, we not only provide high-quality and eco-friendly wall paneling and decorative grilles, but we also offer professional-level installation services and training. Our team of experienced installers is dedicated to ensuring that your wall paneling is installed correctly and efficiently, providing a seamless and polished finish. We also offer comprehensive training sessions for those who wish to learn the proper techniques and best practices for installing our products. Our commitment to exceptional installation services and training is just one of the many ways we strive to exceed our customers' expectations and provide a superior experience.
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